Elevate your Stakeholder Management with nexSRM

The next generation of Stakeholder Relationship Management Software: Streamline Stakeholder Organization, Effortless Collaboration, and unprecedented Insights

Elevate your Stakeholder Management with nexSRM

The next generation of Stakeholder Relationship Management: Streamline Stakeholder Organization, Effortless Collaboration, and unprecedented Insights

Designed for your needs

nexSRM Power Suite

Stakeholder Management

Elevate your stakeholder connections with our customizable Stakeholder Management feature, tailoring every interaction to perfection. Unleash the power of tailored relationships!.

Task Management

Experience the ultimate in teamwork with our Task Management system, fostering collaboration at every step. Your tasks, your team, perfectly synchronized.

Project Management

Navigate your projects with precision using our Project Management powerhouse, complete with cutting-edge analytics and a diverse toolbox. Your projects, elevated to new heights!.

Features presented


Access to the world's largest stakeholder database


  • With current data and contacts, key players can be precisely identified
  • Seamless integration of stakeholder information
  • Enables the integration of third-party providers


Recording Stakeholder interactions


  • Empowering Team Synchronization
  • A documented history of interactions enhances communication within your Team
  • Capture all essential information with a single click


Available soon: More Efficiency with AI Assistants in your SRM


  • Effortless Template Generation
  • Sentiment Analysis for Messaging
  • Enhanced Productivity through Automated Responses


Software Audit Features


  • Safeguarding Compliance and Organizational Integrity
  • Documented Process Audits
  • Real-time Compliance Monitoring

Elevate Stakeholder Engagement and Seamless Mastery

Unlock Global Stakeholder

Tap into the world’s largest stakeholder database, brimming with current data and contacts. Identify key stakeholders for your projects with unmatched precision, setting the stage for impactful engagements.

Seamless Stakeholder Harmony

Banish the chaos of multiple spreadsheets. nexSRM empowers you to swiftly map and segment your stakeholders, ensuring their details are not just current but seamlessly shared among team members. Elevate your organizational prowess with nexSRM.

Stay in the Loop, Effortlessly

A single click reveals the intricacies of stakeholder interactions. Witness who’s engaged, when, and the essence of their dialogue. Effortlessly search for vital information, ensuring your team is always in the loop, not left out.

Uncover Unprecedented Insights

nexSRM doesn’t just inform; it transforms information into unparalleled insights. Dive deep into critical issues, strategically planning where to channel your efforts. Experience qualitative, quantitative, and spatial analysis that unravels common issues and areas of agreement or dissent.

Navigate with Precision

Empower your projects with a robust foundation based on diverse tools, including the innovative Stakeholder Matrix. Elevate your project management game with nexSRM, where every tool serves as a catalyst for success.

Transparent Excellence

Wrap it up with nexSRM’s reporting and audit capabilities. Showcase transparent excellence as you present comprehensive reports and conduct thorough audits, ensuring your stakeholders are not just informed but impressed.

Revolutionize the Project Management

Elevate your project management capabilities with nexSRM, a cutting-edge solution designed to transform the way you handle projects. From streamlined communication with stakeholders to efficient collaboration among team members, nexSRM provides a comprehensive platform to enhance every aspect of your project lifecycle.

Import and sync Stakeholders

Flexible Import for Effortless Data Integration into the nexSRM Stakeholder Database

Unlock the power of nexSRM with the Data Loader

A seamless data import tool. Effortlessly integrate data from Excel and other interfaces into your Stakeholder Database, and experience seamless efficiency in data management.

Industry leaders trust nexSRM

Explore new horizons

A versatile solution designed for various target audiences. Whether you’re engaging with stakeholders, managing relationships with press, or optimizing public relations, nexSRM is tailored to enhance productivity and streamline your interactions. Unlock the full potential of stakeholder engagement and experience heightened efficiency across diverse business functions with nexSRM.

Public Affairs

nexSRM propels Public Affairs professionals into a new era of stakeholder engagement. Seamlessly identify, organize, and strategize your interactions, ensuring that your advocacy efforts are precisely targeted and remarkably impactful. Elevate your influence with nexSRM


Empower your management journey with nexSRM, the ultimate tool for streamlined stakeholder dynamics. From seamless organization to insightful audits, nexSRM equips you with the precision needed for strategic decision-making. Elevate your management prowess with nexSRM.

Communications & Press

Craft compelling narratives and manage media relationships effortlessly with nexSRM. Our robust Stakeholder Database and intuitive Data Loader simplify contact management, enabling you to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of Communications and Press. Elevate your storytelling with nexSRM.

Relationship Management

As a Relationship Manager, your success is built on connections. With nexSRM, fortify and expand your network with ease. From flexible data imports to dynamic stakeholder insights, nexSRM is your key to cultivating and maximizing impactful relationships. Elevate your relationship management game with nexSRM.

Valuable News

Beta Release in 2024

Global Release date planned for January 2024. Experience the generation of Stakeholder Relationship Management.

Audit Excellence with nexSRM

A key aspect of auditing is its ability to offer customizable checklists that align with specific organizational frameworks.

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